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Dogs? Wings? Valentines?

You bet.

I've never had any doubt. From the beginning; for me, it was always about dogs.

I mean, just look at my earliest books; just a kid; Call Of The Wild; White Fang; Lad, A Dog; Old Yeller; Lassie Come Home.

Then just a few years ago; All The Pretty Horses; Cormac McCarthy. Not at all about dogs. But blind-sided by a scene when the young man shoots his dog to save him from a terrible death. Absolutely destroyed me. Grown man. Awash in tears.

Point being; I am truly a dog person. On my daily walks; passing people out with their dogs; I always say Hi, doggie to the dog; no interest at all in the person at the end of the leash; although I'm pleased when he or she smiles in appreciation of my acknowledgement of the greatness of their dog.

Problem for me is that I live in a No Dogs Allowed place. Since I live alone; option was finding a place that accepted dogs—pisses me off just to think of that as not always the case—and leaving my dog in a kennel or with a dog-sitter, when I'm away. Frankly, the other issue is I'm no spring chicken; and I do, at times, become obsessed by the What ifs?

e.g.,What if I trip and fall?

Anyway; simple fact is; dogs are the best people. My choice? Give me the dog anytime. Constant; predictable; same big grin and a tail wag and a loving, Good morning, boss; Isn't it a great day? Day in day out. Same dog. Same delight at just being there.

Unlike most—if not all—the people I've ever known.

Like, you've known Charlie forever and there's a knock at the door and you never know which Charlie's going to enter. Your pal, Good old Charlie…or some guy who used to be Charlie but is really acting weird.

At any rate; dogs are it; loving; constant; happy to see you; happy to be with you. Don't need special plans. Entertain them. Whatever.

They should all have wings and maybe even halos and for sure deserve a happy and loving Valentine's Day gift.

Which they don't even need or want.

It's being with you.

That's enough.

Maybe a cookie.

But most importantly…

With all your love.

And of course;

Happy Valentine's Day, dear doggie.

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