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Who's In Charge Here?

A totally new year and—Migraine on my mind—I'm off and running, full speed; right out of the starting blocks; carrying a fresh—ink still wet—stack of resolutions; determined that this is the year I'm going to keep every single one.

A pretty long list, as I remember—but why not, eh?—a stack of drawing pads; boxes of Pentels; reams of 20 lb. paper ready to reload my printer tray which is going to be—promise—clicking out page after page of fresh ideas; new directions; fresh concepts.

Migraine movers.

Now, I can already hear the snickers.

The guy's dreaming; who does he think'll buy that stuff? Doesn't he know Migraine is, was and will be, what it always has been? Change? Forget it, kid.

Well, they—including me—laughed at Biofeedback, remember? Baloney. Get rid of Migraine headaches? Don't make me laugh.

Well, folks; I'm a walking, talking, lifetime migraineur, headache-free for 32—count 'em—years; thanks to Biofeedback. Thirteen weeks of sessions and that was that.

Today, incredibly; Biofeedback, a brilliant, demonstrably effective approach to the elimination of Migraine headaches, is rarely mentioned among the thousands of headache sufferers in Facebook migraine support groups. I've looked.

The talk is all about drugs.

Throw a drug at it folks; Couple of these'll do it; Not working? Well, here's one we haven't tried; new; and if that drug doesn't do it, how about this one, eh? Or this one? Or hey! Here's one we haven't tried!


Granted; while Biofeedback—a very big deal—eliminated my headaches, I still suffer assaults on my body and mind by the rest of the Migraine family.

No pills.

Psychotherapy is my helper now. Finding the triggers. The thoughts, the memories, the flash-backs; my feelings; the connection between what's happening in my mind and what's happening to the physical me. And it works; lifting that sense of helplessness.

I'm the boss of me.

Magic? No way. Takes a willingness to reflect; consider; feel my way from a faint suspicion to a very strong possibility. One thing I won't do is settle for the "Quick-Fix-Pop-A-Pill-Who-Cares-Why?" gang.

For me, it's take-charge time.

That scene in the old movies; big storm; people panicking; guy at the controls is trembling. I walk over; very cool; "Here, kid; I'll take over now."

It's a great feeling.

If you haven't already... try it.

You'll like it.

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