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Here's to a Boring New Year

Enough surprises.

For me, 2017 was just a little bit over the top. It reached the point where I was reluctant to go online in the morning. Hurricanes, floods, missile launchings galore, a lot of yelling; accusations; very little talking; tweets out the kazoo.

I had the feeling that the best approach was to just smile and nod…and move the cocktail hour up to, say, about noon. You know the old line: It must be five o'clock somewhere.

One piece of my year—a big one—was a surge of creative energy; non-stop productivity. Book; finished; published; website up and running; writing; drawing; an endless line of creative ideas pushing and shoving to be heard first.

New to me, I'll tell you. Procrastination has always been my strong suit. Combined with a What-the-Hell attitude. Ideas were never a problem; always plenty of those; waiting patiently in line through the house out the door down the block disappearing around the corner. Growing… growing. End of story.

If you've read My Life With Migraine, you got the picture. Straight story; from childhood on. Took years to wade through my accumulated issues; reflect upon them; retreat to my tent; do more reflection.That part of course, was psychotherapy. A life's work.

Productive; but a life's work.

Then, the wrestling with Migraine. Clearly the expression of every issue and repressed feeling I'd ever had; dealing with the carload of Migraine iterations; understanding the relationships; letting it all hang out; then heading it off at the pass.

So that was my year; the ongoing rehabilitation process; assembling the pieces; and finally; the What now?

One crucial piece missing; dealing with procrastination; my attic full of ideas.

Someone to take charge of the getting-it-done process; put the concepts to work; get the assembly line operating smoothly; beginning to end.

A Here; I'll take care of that; you get back to your work, person.

And I've got her in spades.

Heather Walker.

She doesn't like to have me make a big deal of it; but it is a big deal. I mean, just look where I was and look where I am now.

And as Pogo says; The future lies ahead.

Come on 2018.

I'm—we're—ready for you.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

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