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...and Speaking of Triggers

Ready for this?


No ifs ands or buts; and no maybes.

Unexpressed feelings are universal triggers for Migraine.


Further, I believe that all emotionally-charged events, witnessed or experienced, are triggers, as well. You know what I mean; stuff you can't bear to see. A child suffering; a dog being abused; refugees fleeing death. You get it, right?

Plus, anything like that; insufferable; inhumane. Unbearable. That you're powerless to stop; to shout; to intervene; to be the Lone Ranger. Save everyone from the intolerable.

Triggers all.

In a sense; a string of actions; events; that in a sane and fair and compassionate world, would never happen.

Lots of luck.

For me, the trigger is automatic. No chance I won't experience a Migraine iteration of some kind; head; body; soul Tear ducts opening; heart being squeezed.

And I certainly acknowledge that my trigger is not universally engaged. There are people who don't give a whit; don't identify or project at all. Might even enjoy the scene or spectacle or action.

I don't include those people in my trigger generalization; for me they don't exist. Their triggers are from another planet. Stimulating some other experience—joy maybe—that in fact, if witnessed by me, would incite not just a trigger but a rage in the super-trigger category; more like murderous wishes to inflict unimaginable pain and harm upon those others.

Talk about projection.

Back to my childhood; powerless to intervene.

Super-Migraine time.

A warehouse-full of images; scenes; never to be erased from my memory-bank.

Eternally embedded; and acted-out in my own collection of Migraine iterations; armed and ready to roll.

Bottom-line; my belief about triggers activated by unexpressed emotions applies equally to emotionally-loaded witnessed or reported activities that act directly—in no time—and explode.

Speculation: I suspect that the nature and depth of the Migraine iteration that follows, is reflected in the intensity of the emotion experienced.

At the core; my worst are the product of repetitive and impossible to dislodge childhood terrors.

Unwilling to say, Goodbye, kid.

What's a body to do?

Send a note to the Management: How about a break, Boss?

Still waiting for a response.

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