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Stop The Bleeding

In the middle of marveling at just how amazing Migraine know, just looking at it from let’s say two or three miles—wouldn’t want to get any closer—Migraine is really impressive.

I mean it never stops, you know? On the job twenty-four hours a day every day; no coffee breaks; take a breath; couple of seconds to go pee; relax. You know, you just have to admire—don’t have to of course... but if you’re not writhing in agony yourself I mean you can be in at least a little bit of awe.

Anyway, so I’m just marveling at all this in a break from suffering, when I suddenly flash back on my couple of years in the Army—why? I don’t know but just say that I did—when I was drafted just a few months after college and how I still remember—etched in my brain sort of—three random pieces—why? I don’t have a clue but bear with me—of basic training; weird but it’s very clear to me:

1. Making the perfect bed: smooth and stretch blanket taut enough to bounce a quarter.

2. Caring for your weapon; best friend; clean; repeat; clean; repeat; and

3. Stop The Bleeding: First Aid step one; direct pressure on the wound; shout, Medic! Next step; protect the wound; shout, Medic! Then, treat for shock; shout, Medic!

Now here’s the interesting part—to me, at least—is that I had Migraine before I was drafted, and after I was discharged but that I can’t remember having any Migraine attacks at all while I was in the Army.


Until—and here’s a shocker—the final weeks before my discharge when it became clear that my plan to be discharged in France wouldn’t work—a whole other story; close but no cigar—and was jolted out of my bed one night with a shooting pain in my jaw...the beginning of a TMJ episode that stuck with me on and off until I left for the States.

A melodramatic reminder to me (DUH!) by me to follow my bliss or else...etc. etc.

Hang in there...much more to follow...

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