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Beating Procrastination

Speaking of procrastination—to myself, I mean; not you—when I sat down to write this, having sorted yet again through all the other approaches I've tried for years, I decided that the way to get started is to just sit down and start.

Nothing new, of course; you know, the old tough love approach: Don't give me that pathetic "Don't yell at me, I'm working on it" line; just do it, damn it! Nothing's preventing you from doing it you know!

Anyway; I felt energized for the moment and thought this would be a good time to test that approach. No agonizing; over-thinking; organizing my thoughts; checking old notes. Just sitting down and starting in.

You know; Alice in Wonderland; Queen asking Alice to tell her—the Queen that is—about herself—that's Alice's self. Alice not knowing where to begin; the Queen saying, Just start at the beginning and go to the end and then stop. The old tough love approach.

Was that Alice and the Queen? Maybe it was a different tale, you know?

I'm resisting—strength of character being challenged—urge to go to Wikipedia and check; was it the Queen? Alice?

Whatever. Anyway, fact is the tough love approach hasn't worked before…no reason it should be any different now. But only way to try again is to just sit down—I'm already sitting down; good beginning—and start.

I'd be lying if I said this was a new approach since I can't imagine there's any one I haven't at least looked at and considered and admired and thought, this is really good; and nodded in appreciation of the imagination and cleverness of it and then continued to admire it for—oh, fifteen minutes, maybe—and then went into the kitchen to see if there was something I'd missed last time I looked three minutes ago.

Anyway—where was I?—yes, Alice. Tough love.

I have to confess; I just checked and I was partly right.

It was Alice in Wonderland alright, but it was the King not the Queen.

Well, I was close…

You know; speaking of Alice in Wonderland…

Those drawings were wonderful, weren't they?

Tenniel, I think was the artist…

pretty sure but—

not totally sure…


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