September 5, 2017

Wouldn't be a bad idea, I think—I like to be humble; acknowledge that my ideas aren't all great—to share my feeling about tone of voice; that something we're reading has a style; a kind of personality; that you can recognize when you pick up a book or an article or any...

August 8, 2017

We're delighted to welcome you to

The "we" is me and my RH—Right Hand—Heather Walker; my trusted guide through the totally mysterious world of technology; taking a rough sketch; a cartoon; some printed out or hand-written or scribbled words—my han...

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"...A striking and
unusual read..."
- Kirkus Review
Image of the book "My Life with Migraine," by author and cartoonist Earle Levenstein
"...Vulnerable, vivid, brave and impactful...reaffirms to sufferers who share similar pains, fears and anxiety, that they are not alone."

-David Sandler, LICSW 


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Migraine + Creativity - Earle Levenstein
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