February 11, 2019

College and Me? Basically, a big zip.

I mean, I never went to class

I was about to qualify the "never," but after reflecting upon that four years of Business Administration and coming up with nothing but bowling, the great waffles at a White Tower, the formal dances, u...

February 4, 2019

Not much love floating around my home when I was little.

Threats, whacks, grabs, sneers, pinches and not infrequently—when my father got home—shouts, grinding teeth, disgust and thwacks. Heavier than whacks; not quite punches. 

Tears. Crying. 


This was not the olde...

January 28, 2019

Well, here's the scene, folks; the total truth, pecked out live on my iPad as it was happening; believe me, you couldn't make this up.

Here goes: Scout's honor; the whole deal. 

Morning, at the airport; my flight's delayed. There's a storm beating up the west coast. Fo...

January 21, 2019

Classic movie scene: Guy opens his eyes. "Where am I?"

He was bopped on the noggin, or drugged, kidnapped; he has no idea what happened or where he is. Can't think straight. 

Off in la-la land. 

In and out of consciousness. 


Takes a deep breath.

Remembers. "Oh,...

January 14, 2019

My earliest memories are fragments of scenes, of danger, fear, terror, the imminence of death, the end, the daily threat to survival.

To this day, right now.

Just a flash; a passing image of that time—when I was five or six and learning how to bob and weave, do...

January 7, 2019

I was 12 when we moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan and I'd say, to me it was a different country. From a two-family house on Avenue S in Flatbush to a seventh floor apartment in a fifteen-story building with an elevator, a doorman, a public library on Amsterdam Avenue,...

December 31, 2018

I don't know when it started, but we've got to get a grip on reality.

I mean the story we tell ourselves about how great we are is really way way out of control. I guess we're OK as countries go—not such total bottom feeders as some; yet not so la-de-dah as we'd like to...

December 25, 2018

Just a little background: I’ve worn glasses since I was five or six, with my father discovering that I needed them as we were driving along, chatting, my father pointing at a movie theater marquee and asking me to tell him the names; big zip, him slowing down, drawing...

December 18, 2018

You know what?

Just yesterday I had a revelation.

To me, a convincing, logical, believable explanation for my inexplicable, lifelong—literally, from childhood on—daily experience of feeling unsettled, of being alone.

Of various levels of fear, waves of anxiety, fear of cr...

December 10, 2018

Political discussions are loaded, right?

To even call them discussions is bizarre.

I mean, mature; calm; impartial? Hahahaha! Fageddaboutit. 

Steam whistling out of your ears…heart pounding, blood pressure breaking your all-time record.

I say, your ears. I'm projecting.


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"...A striking and
unusual read..."
- Kirkus Review
Image of the book "My Life with Migraine," by author and cartoonist Earle Levenstein
"...Vulnerable, vivid, brave and impactful...reaffirms to sufferers who share similar pains, fears and anxiety, that they are not alone."

-David Sandler, LICSW 


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